What Is Imagine Irving?

Imagine Irving is an inclusive city-wide planning effort built on community input that will help shape how the City of Irving grows and functions between now and 2040. Imagine Irving is the name of the city's Comprehensive Plan, which provides direction from the community for how Irving will evolve. The plan will help us create a more diverse, vibrant, livable city. What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

Imagine Irving will concentrate on how we retain and enhance the existing character of our neighborhoods; develop or redevelop land; build the type of streets, highways and transit systems we need to move around the city; and how we create a stronger economy that supports good jobs. 

Why should YOU care about Imagine Irving?

Imagine Irving will affect almost every aspect of our lives by:

  • Strengthening the tax base
  • Protecting and enhancing neighborhoods
  • Revitalizing underserved areas
  • Encouraging attractive development in all parts of the city

Irving needs a long-term strategy to address growth and guarantee the city remains strong. Imagine Irving provides the entire community an opportunity to get involved in the process and to share their priorities for the city's growth with local leaders.


The Vision

The Vision represents the voices of Irving's diverse population and guides the creation of a Comprehensive Plan and strategy. 
Explore Irving's Vision for the future! 

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Get involved

We can't create a successful plan without your help. Tell us your vision for Irving's future. 
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